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Show #3 – Dentistry As a Team Sport – Dr. Greg Pitts
Recommendation: Assign ‘Champions’ to quarterback key areas of your practice


Show #10 – The Importance of Mastering Mobile – Al Ferretti
Recommendation: Get a Mobile website


Show #14 – Leading Your Practice to Success – Katherine Eitel
Recommendation: Schedule ‘Growth Conferences’ with your team members


Show #16 – Why Every Dental Office Needs an Office Manager – Lorie Streeter
Recommendation: Join AADOM


Shows# 17, 18 & 25 – The 4 Specific Things Dentists Need to do NOW to Thrive – Dr. Howard Farran

  1. Cut Costs
  2. Increase Marketing
  3. Add Services
  4. Lower Fees


Show #21 – A Lifetime of Service Helping Dentists – Linda Miles
Recommendation: Interview tip; take candidate out to lunch and observe how they treat service staff


Show #22 – Blueprint to Create Both a Successful Life and Dental Practice – Dr. James Goolnik
Recommendation: Order Brush: Proven Strategies to Make You and Your Dental Business Shine


Show #23 – How to Lead a Balanced Life – Glen Depke
Recommendation: Decide to become unstoppable!


Show #31 – Whitening the Gateway to Helping Patients Want More Ideal Dentistry – Dr. Dan Fischer
Recommendation: Offer three forms of whitening


Show #33 – Practicing Great Dentistry – Imtiaz Manji 
Recommendation: Read eBook: Trust and Value: A Field Guide to Today’s Dental Patients


Show #35 – Digital Word of Mouth – Fred Joyal
Recommendation: Get a demo of ReputationMonitor


Show #41 – Helping Patients Overcome their Fear of the Dentist – Dr. Michael Silverman
Recommendation: Take a DOCS course




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