Employment Law and the Dental Profession with Ali Oromchian

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Recently, Gary was a speaker at the American Academy of Dental Office Managers Annual Conference. In addition to his speaking sessions at this conference, Gary was invited to be part of an open mic panel for the general session where attendees could ask the panelists questions about any topic related to the business side of dentistry. Gary noted that fully 80% of the questions asked in this session related to Human Resources or personnel questions. Clearly, the topic of managing team members on HR issues is of keen interest to Dentists today. This is also a topic that needs to be navigated very carefully since a misstep can be very costly from both a financial and emotional perspective. As a result of the keen interest in the topic, Gary decided to invite one of the most noted experts in the field of Dental HR Law to the Thriving Dentist Show. Today we are very fortunate to have a very good friend of Gary’s and one of the most respected experts in the field on our show.

Gary is a firm believer is surrounding himself with experts. That old business axiom that says you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none is especially accurate in the increasingly complex world that we live and work in today. Gary has come to know Ali very well because they are both part of a Professional Network of Advisors that serve the Dental Profession. This group is comprised of quite literally the best advisors in each of their specialties and were very excited to have Ali on the show to share his knowledge and expertise on such an important topic!

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