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The Six Most Important Elements of a Digital Marketing Plan with Gary Takacs

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As a listener to the Thriving Dentist Show, you are someone who embraces technology  and appreciates the advantages of a digital world. Today’s Show will be of keen interest to you because Gary is going to talk about Digital Marketing and how to consistently attract quality new patients using the very latest technology. You have heard Gary say that new patients are the lifeblood of a successful dental practice and a plan to consistently attract quality new patients is often the detail that separates a good practice from a world-class practice. While the digital marketing world is very exciting, it is also very confusing because there are so many options available today.

We decided to record this show to help you understand the most useful digital marketing elements, and in the show Gary will share with you exactly what he uses in his own practice in Phoenix, Arizona as well as client offices located throughout the world.

  1. Word of mouth referrals are an awesome way to grow a dental practice since patients who are referred already know and trust you before their first appointment. However, you feel that it is a mistake to grow your practice exclusively by referral. Explain why you feel this way
  2. When you work with your clients to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, the digital component is a critically important part of that plan. Define the six most important elements of your digital plan.
    1. Web site
    2. Mobile web site
    3. Search engine optimization – SEO
    4. Search engine marketing – SEM
    5. Social media plan (5 channels)
    6. On-line reviews
  3. A mobile website is another important part of your digital plan. Why is a mobile website so important for Dentists today
  4. SEO – Organic search.
  5. You have a powerful 5 channel social media solution for LifeSmiles. Talk about your social media component and the benefits you get from that activity.
    1. Facebook fan page
    2. Twitter account
    3. YouTube Channel
    4. Consumer oriented blog (publish to FB, TW and web site)
    5. Google+
  6. Online reviews are also a very important part of your digital plan. Talk about these and how you are managing the review process.


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