Whitening: The Gateway to Helping Patients Want More Ideal Dentistry with Dr. Dan Fischer

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If you have ever attended a course given by Gary, you know that he is absolutely passionate about whitening! He believes that whitening is a critical key to developing a THRIVING practice and he has proven this in his own practice and well as the practices of his clients. In fact, Dr. Nielson and the Team at LifeSmiles Dental Care tell their patients that they want them to have the Whitest, Brightest smiles in Arizona! Gary has tried many whitening products in his practice and he has found the whitening products made by Ultradent to work extremely well. We are thrilled to have a return Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show today. In a past episode we had Dr. Dan Fischer, the founder of Ultradent, on the Show to discuss how to control saliva and other sulcular fluids. Today, we have asked Dr. Fischer to return and discuss whitening. We are very excited to have Dr. Fischer help us understand more about the science of whitening.

There are very few absolutes in this world. Rarely can we use the terms ‘everybody’ or nobody’. However, it is possible to say that virtually everybody would like whiter teeth. In fact, there was a recent study published in USA Today that reported that 85% of the people responded that they would like whiter teeth when asked, if they could improve their smile, what would they like to improve? Think about that for a moment. That means that if you happen to see 20 people in your dental office today, then statistically, 17 of them would like whiter teeth! We have a profound opportunity here and we are excited to have Dr. Fischer on our Show today to help us learn more about whitening.

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