How the Relationship with your Dental Lab Contributes to a THRIVING Practice with Nelson Rego

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The Thriving Dentist Show is all about helping you have a practice that is absolutely thriving. There are many components that make up a successful dental practice and one element of a successful practice is the relationship that you have with your dental laboratory. Gary has had the privilege of working with some of the best dental labs in the country and he have come to learn firsthand just how the relationship you have with your lab can help you deliver the highest quality dental care. For the most successful Dentists their lab is not merely a vendor, but rather, they are a partner in clinical excellence. Today we are very fortunate to have Nelson Rego, Co-founder of the dental lab Smile Designs by Rego as our Special Guest today on Thriving Dentist Show. Nelson has been a very close friend of Gary’s for many years now and we are thrilled to have him in the Show.

Let’s face it, the quality of dental labs is all over the map. There are some outstanding dental labs and let’s just say that there are some that are rather average. We want to take a moment and brag on you, Nelson. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has a program for lab technicians to become Accredited members and that you are one of a very few lab technicians to earn this distinction. I want to recognize you for all of the hard work and dedication that it took for you to become an accredited member of the AACD. Congratulations!

1. Lab technicians have always played an important role in delivering quality dental care. Why is that role even more important today?
2. Great communication between the Dentist and the Lab is critical and you are a Master of great communication. Give our listeners some tips to improve communication with their lab.
3. Let’s talk about some of the materials you are most excited about today.
4. You have worked with Dr. Dennis Wells to create an amazing no-prep restoration. Tell us about that.

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