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If you have listened to past episodes of Thriving Dentist Show you know that we take pride in interviewing people who are committed to making a difference. We have had some truly amazing guests on the show and we’ll continue that trend today. We have all had people enter our lives who have made a profound impact. These are people who quite literally make a imprint on our hearts and minds that we can never forget. Seth Godin uses the term ‘remarkable’ and this is a fitting description of our very Special Guest on this episode of Thriving Dentist Show. Linda Miles is a person who is extremely well known in the dental profession. This is her 51 st year in dentistry (Though let’s point out that she started in dentistry as a mere child!) Linda has spoken at nearly every dental meeting in the US and many international meetings as well. She has an amazing understanding of the inner workings of a successful dental practice and has helped guide thousands of Dentists to develop
successful practices. A very special welcome to Linda Miles!
The New York Times best-selling author, Jim Collins wrote a book titled, Built to Last  he identified companies that have been successful for a long period of time. Linda brings a very unique perspective to the dental profession because she has been helping Dentists Thrive for a long time now. In doing so, Linda has discovered some fundamentals that define practice success. In this show, Gary and Linda will discuss some of these key fundamentals and also look to the future about how dentists can Thrive in coming years.


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